eHealthCare Interactive is focused on enhancing clinical and healthcare related data collection and delivery. The company combines interactive technology and sophisticated data collection with content delivery solutions that provide enhanced interactivity, decreased cost, improved user experience and a higher quality of response.

Led by a team with decades of experience managing clinical trial data, eHealthCare Interactive understands the unique challenges of dealing with healthcare related information and is working to address issues where technology can improve compliance and quality while reducing time and costs.

The Intervid Platform

Highly secure and compliant, the Intervid Platform seamlessly delivers, collects and reports real time data across multiple devices including desktop, tablet and smartphone.  This extremely flexible platform has been used to develop specific solutions for clinical training, clinical assessment, QOL data collection and condition management.

  • A blending of audio, video, text and visual cues to create a greater level of engagement and usability

    ehealthcare interactive
    eHealthcare Interactive delivers assessment, training and communications across all devices!
  • Complete audit trails
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Complete communication system – messaging, alerts, SMS
  • Highly customizable
  • Improves comprehension for training applications
  • Improves quality of response for assessment and other patient-centric applications
  • Improves the total user experience

eHealthCare Interactive was founded by a multi-disciplined team of medical and business professionals experienced in medicine, healthcare, interactive design, software development, marketing and video production.

Headquartered in Suburban Philadelphia, eHealthCare Interactive partners with a broad array of healthcare related entities including; CRO’s, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and others to more effectively use interactive technology to solve a variety of data collection and delivery issues.